In November, 4th, 2010 the Founding Assembly of the Federal Forum Men (Bundesforum Männer) unanimously decided on the following Platform

Federal Forum Men – Interest Association for boys, men and fathers in Germany

A binding Platform for self-conception and vision

The Federal Forum Men understands itself as an association for work with boys, fathers and men. It is open for actors from policy, economy, social systems, church, religious communities, law, science and other social areas.
The members of the Federal Forum Men commit themselves to gender equity as fundamental principle for their mutual work and collaboration. By this means, they promote the equal perception of all genders in political and social design and therefore, reject any gender discrimination.

Oriented on comprehensive social equality, the members of the forum contribute to encourage all genders in their respective developments, identities and diversity of life designs. The work of the Federal Forum Men takes place within the constructive dialogue between the genders. The Forum is fully committed to the solidarity among men and boys as well as to the solidarity with women.

Hence, on the basis of their self-conception the members of the Federal Forum Men agreed upon the following principles:

1. The Federal Forum Men considers the resource-orientated promotion of boys and fathers as well as of men in education, work, social engagement, health and training as an indispensable precondition for gender-equitable relations in our society. Also, the Federal Forum considers a gender-equitable distribution of social tasks and activities in productive and reproductive areas as an indispensable precondition for gender-equitable relations in our society.

2. The Federal Forum Men encourages and supports men to perceive their role as active fathers and to be available for positive examples and reliable caregivers for boys and girls. The Forum stands for the sustainable balance of work and private life.

3. The Federal Forum Men appreciates the active contribution of men in all areas of care work, for example active grandfathers, caring men or boys and men in civil society engagement. The Federal forum Men fosters communication and cooperation of men in different generations and functions.

4. The Federal Forum Men contributes to the networking of work with boys, which enable boys for options for action and future perspectives beyond patriarchal and constricting role models. Boys are supported in the development of such life plans, which offer to them perspectives for a mature, responsible and gender-equal participation on processes of social formation.

5. The Federal Forum Men stands for the overcoming of violence as instrument for conflict resolution and the establishment of hierarchies and dominances, especially within relationships and family constellations. It demands for a sustainable and systematic cross linking of the protection of victims with prevention work.

6. The Federal Forum Men promotes the overcoming of the taboo of man being victim of violence. Gender stereotypes which reinforce unilateral collective role attributions will be discovered and transformed.

7. The Federal Forum Men advocates for respect towards the diversity of sexual identities and the right for sexual self-determination as well as for a family formation, which is independent of the sexual orientation or gendered identities of the partners. It fosters a fair discussion about reproductive and parents rights of all involved partners.

8. The Federal Forum Men promotes the physical, mental and social health of men and boys and supports these in their self-care and sexual responsibility. In policy, administration, science and research as well as in the health system the Federal Forum Men is engaged to foster and to actively promote a differentiated view on men’s and gender health.

9. To overcome restrictive and dominant structures of masculinity and role models is one of the main aims of the Federal Forum Men. It actively contributes to the development of unprejudiced, reflective, solidary and liberating role perspectives.

10. The Federal Forum Men cross links experiences out of the practice of men’s, boys and fathers work, men’s and gender research as well as related policies. The members of the Federal Forum Men commit themselves to mutual transparency, information and discourse.
On the basis of these positions the Federal Forum Men call upon a comprehensive alliance in order to create sustainable relationships and structures in our society, which serve for life quality of all human beings.

Berlin, November, 4th, 2010 Founding Meeting